This is why Acceptance is so important (Part 1)

acceptanceBecause without acceptance of self, others, and beliefs you WON’T evolve to the next level. You need to Burn off the Dross first!

The term Burning off the Dross comes from the Practice of Spiritual Alchemy. This term is calling for the burning off of the excess or wasteful activities.

So, to make this acceptance stuff EXTREMELY easy for you. I’m talk-en paint by numbers simple! I’ve gathered 3 courses for you to go over and implement into your being.

Also, I want you to scroll back up to the primary navigation bar, and see them to the left of the search bar (Acceptance 101, Acceptance 102, and Acceptance of Self / Beliefs).

This way you know where they’re located from within the site, and can access them quickly when you come back. I would also like to give the individuals over at credit for putting these acceptance courses together.

Acceptance of Self 101 / Overview

1. Acknowledge you are within physical focus. You are glorious beings!

2. Acknowledge that you hold belief systems. They are acceptable. They are not bad. They are not unacceptable. They are your reality.

3. [In] examining self within each moment, recognize that you hold great duplicity and you are not acknowledging of yourselves continuously throughout your day.

4. NOTICE each time you are discounting of yourself.

5. As you receive an impression, you shall be acknowledging of your impression. As you receive an impulse, you shall be following through with your impulse, and you shall not be concerning yourselves with other individuals – for this is 101, not 102 – and what they may be perceiving of you. Therefore, it shall not concern you that you appear to be experiencing lunacy. You shall follow yourselves anyway!

6. As you are following your impulses and your impressions and accepting them within you, you also shall be noticing your language, for in your language you are expressing reinforcement of your discounting of self.

7. Notice your responses to other individuals. … Noticing of your language shall be quite helpful to you, for it shall offer you examples of how you are not accepting of yourself. You may walk about each day expressing what a glorious being you are and loving yourselves, for you are worthy of this.

8. You may also be listening to the “spooks,” which are continuously in communication with you, and be acknowledging of this and their helpfulness also. And you may consider yourselves to be spooks also, for your essence, that “dead” part of you, shall be communicating with you also.

9. Be acknowledging of your own abilities. It is inconsistent to express that you are a glorious being that is ineffective and cannot accomplish![session 236, November 08, 1997]

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